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Fiberstore’s PON Splitter Modules-Your Best Alternative for FHHx Solution

FTTx is short for the Fibre-to-the-X, where X can denote a number of destinations. These include Home (FTTH), Premise (FTTP), Curb (FTTC), Building (FTTB), User (FTTU) and Node (FTTN). Clearly, however, there are overlaps in meaning. FTTP is similar to FTTB, and FTTC resembles FTTN.

As consumers world over have been demanding more and more bandwidth hungry applications at the network, networks of the future will be digital and intelligent and will offer high transmission capacity and flexible bandwidth. In addition to being easily accessible while offering services that are personalized and tailored to individual need. To support it, FTTx technology, as a effectively one, is widely used in our life nowadays.

Passive Optical Network (PON), a new technology for networking infrastructure, is widely deployed in today’s FTTx network in new installations and is generally considered suitable for consumer broadband services.
As an indispensable component of Passive Optical Network (PON) systems, PON splitter is used to distribute or combine optical signals, installing in an outside plant enclosure and giving carriers the ability to split optical signals to multiple homes or businesses.

1xN Splitter working in the HFFx

According to the Fiber Optic Splitter principle, there are two kinds of PON splitter: EPON OLT/EPON ONU/GPON ONT/GPON OLT. Between them, PLC splitter is valued by its wider operating wavelength because PLC splitter can work on 1260-1650nm wavelength, while FBT can usually work on three different operating wavelengths. What’s more, depending on its split configuration, there are types of PLC splitter designed in 1xN and 2xN, such as 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 1×32, etc. or smaller, like 1×2, 1×4, etc. for the FBT splitter.

In addition, in order to meet clients’ different requirements, different package are produced by the manufacturers depending on subscriber conditions or cable length, and even the connectors.

Fiberstore offers a integrated product line of these different types of PON splitters. Fiberstore’s fiber optic splitters can be terminated with different kinds of connectors. They are protected from exposure and damage by their packaging. Surrounded by superior cable management, technicians need less time to route fiber in the cabinet, saving operating costs. Available in configurations from 1×2 up to 1×64, the modules can be ordered in adapter port or pigtailed versions. We are specialized in supportting a perfect work for your FTTx solutions.

Types of Fiberstore’s PON splitters:

  • Bare fiber splitter-the PLC splitter without connectors
  • Blockless fiber splitter-PLC Splitter with LC/SC/FC/ST connectors – direct 900μm output
  • Fanout Splitters-PLC Splitter with LC/SC/FC/ST connectors and Fan-out Kit
  • ABS & LGX Splitters-PLC Splitter module with 0.9/2/3mm cable input and output
  • Rack Chassis Splitter- PLC Splitter mounted in patch panel
  • FBT Couplers Splitters

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