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There are four key points of 10G EPON technology

With the major carriers “Broadband speed”, “Light of Copper” project extensively, The future will be a multimedia broadband services, video on demand, interactive games as the main feature, high-bandwidth, integrated operators will be judged promoted by the merits of the standard broadband products.

Under the broadband Fiber Optic Network in the trend, PON technology has become the world’s attention to various telecom operators hot technology is one of the operators to implement “broadband speed”, “Light of Copper” engineering technology base. Wheter EPON, or GPON, which provides only for the uplink and downlink bandwidth of

1. Defines six 10G EPON optical power budget, in view of the asymmetric mode PRX10, PRX20 and PRX30 as well as for symmetric mode PR10, PR20 and PR30, these six kinds of optical power budget model is basically to meet the construction needs of the service provider network;

2. 10G EPON technology in achieving the 1G EPON conventional multi-point control protocol layer (MPCP) based on the forward compatibility, also extended the original message type, for reporting optical terminal equipment, EPON OLT/EPON ONU Fiber Transceiver switch time to meet the 10G EPON network requirements;

3. 10G EPON uses (255, 223) Forward Error Correction (FEC) encoding method, the encoded with FEC coding for the same strain of 1G EPON, but its strong support 10G EPON coding gain can lower the sensitivity of the optical receiver;

4. 10G EPON uplink and downlink wavelength for the re-planning, downlink using 1268-1280nm wavelength, then reuse the original uplink of 1G EPON 1575-1580 nm wavelength, the wavelength in order to avoid conflicts, 10G EPON uplink only use time division multiple access (TDMA) manner.

Has been released G.987.1 standard that defines 10G GPON system’s overall technical requirements and system architecture, clearly put forward the 10G GPON system to ensure good QoS, based on the traditional telecom services to fully support all emerging businesses and the same time, also provides dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) algorithm, energy saving, authentication and encryption related content to inherit the original 1G GPON suppliers; The G.987.2 is the focus of standardized 10G GPON physical layer parameters, including downlink rate, ODN power budget, splitting ratio, up and down the line wavelength range and line coding, etc., although down the line of 10G EPON same wavelength range and 10G EPON, GPON but due to the wavelength with 1G is not conflict, therefore, 10G GPON uplink and downlink are used wavelength division multiple access (WDMA) manner.

A complete industrial chain, including chip PON, optical modules and equipment three links. If to analysis PON industry chain, it need to start from the three links, analysis of every link current development status and future development trend.

Overall, 10G EPON and 10G GPON is currently not reach the requirements of large-scale commercial applications, although some equipment manufacturers have recently introduced a 10G EPON or 10G GPON products, and with operators, the creation of some experimental inning, but still in the laboratory testing phase, is still some distance away from the large-scale commercial.
10G PON technology to meet future access networks, “large-capacity, fewer offices,” the direction of development, while improving access speed, supports larger branching ratio, covering more users. Therefore, 10G PON technology will become the future telecom operators to achieve “broadband speed”, “Light of Copper” and other broadband network construction hot technology for sustainable development.

Fiberstore’s PON Splitter Modules-Your Best Alternative for FHHx Solution

FTTx is short for the Fibre-to-the-X, where X can denote a number of destinations. These include Home (FTTH), Premise (FTTP), Curb (FTTC), Building (FTTB), User (FTTU) and Node (FTTN). Clearly, however, there are overlaps in meaning. FTTP is similar to FTTB, and FTTC resembles FTTN.

As consumers world over have been demanding more and more bandwidth hungry applications at the network, networks of the future will be digital and intelligent and will offer high transmission capacity and flexible bandwidth. In addition to being easily accessible while offering services that are personalized and tailored to individual need. To support it, FTTx technology, as a effectively one, is widely used in our life nowadays.

Passive Optical Network (PON), a new technology for networking infrastructure, is widely deployed in today’s FTTx network in new installations and is generally considered suitable for consumer broadband services.
As an indispensable component of Passive Optical Network (PON) systems, PON splitter is used to distribute or combine optical signals, installing in an outside plant enclosure and giving carriers the ability to split optical signals to multiple homes or businesses.

1xN Splitter working in the HFFx

According to the Fiber Optic Splitter principle, there are two kinds of PON splitter: EPON OLT/EPON ONU/GPON ONT/GPON OLT. Between them, PLC splitter is valued by its wider operating wavelength because PLC splitter can work on 1260-1650nm wavelength, while FBT can usually work on three different operating wavelengths. What’s more, depending on its split configuration, there are types of PLC splitter designed in 1xN and 2xN, such as 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 1×32, etc. or smaller, like 1×2, 1×4, etc. for the FBT splitter.

In addition, in order to meet clients’ different requirements, different package are produced by the manufacturers depending on subscriber conditions or cable length, and even the connectors.

Fiberstore offers a integrated product line of these different types of PON splitters. Fiberstore’s fiber optic splitters can be terminated with different kinds of connectors. They are protected from exposure and damage by their packaging. Surrounded by superior cable management, technicians need less time to route fiber in the cabinet, saving operating costs. Available in configurations from 1×2 up to 1×64, the modules can be ordered in adapter port or pigtailed versions. We are specialized in supportting a perfect work for your FTTx solutions.

Types of Fiberstore’s PON splitters:

  • Bare fiber splitter-the PLC splitter without connectors
  • Blockless fiber splitter-PLC Splitter with LC/SC/FC/ST connectors – direct 900μm output
  • Fanout Splitters-PLC Splitter with LC/SC/FC/ST connectors and Fan-out Kit
  • ABS & LGX Splitters-PLC Splitter module with 0.9/2/3mm cable input and output
  • Rack Chassis Splitter- PLC Splitter mounted in patch panel
  • FBT Couplers Splitters

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