How does wdm-pon optical access ?

PON technology developed with two directions, one is single wavelength higher transmission rate, such as 10G EPON and XG – PON; Another is the single fiber transmission multiple wavelengths, namely the WDM – PON technology industry high attention. And WDM-PON is a combination of WDM technology and the advantages of PON topology structure, developed into a high performance access way.

Since the emergence of PON and years of development, it formed the BPON, EPON, GPON, WDM – PON and a series of concepts. WDM – PON EPON and GPON has many advantages: saving the cost of optical fiber and OSP, transmission distance is longer, the fiber optic network is simpler; It combines the advantages of WDM technology and PON topology, developed into a high performance access way. Though the WDM – PON production chain is not mature, and the price is not high, its future prospects is bright.

Along with the national broadband strategy, the “broadband China” and “three net fusions” further develop. PON access technology plays an increasingly important role. Compared with and the mainstream EPON/GPON comparison, WDM – PON PON has many advantages

1.Cost saving
(1) EPON/GPON each optical fiber carrying two wavelength (1490nm and 1490nm);
(2) WPON two-way carrying 16 ~ 64 C + L band wavelength, save fiber resources between 16 to 64 times.

2. The fiber transmission distance is longer
(1) 27 db EPON/GPON optical power fiber transmission distance is about 20 km;
(2) the WDM – PON 27 db fiber transmission distance of optical power budget is up to 63 km.

3. Compared to EPON/GPON networks, the WDM – PON is simpler, completely transparent in speed, business, and the expandability, safer and easier to maintain.

However, the development of WDM – PON Splitters also has difficulties: standard, the industry chain and cost performance.

1. The standard has not been formed: slow development of WDM – PON is a major cause of failure to form a standard. Currently, standard organizations and manufacturers only on WDM – PON reached consensus on the two functions, one is to introduce the principle of wavelength division fiber access system, the second is to use of point to multi-point network topology. And for the formation of the WDM – PON standards also need a period of time.

2. Industrial chain is not yet mature: WDM PON technical basically has two factors, one is the complicated environment on the WDM-PON AWG strict requirements, the second is how to meet the demands of fiber transceivers,such as DWDM SFP transceiver and CWDM GBIC.(Related products in: CWDM compatible SFP)
3. The price has no advantages: because the manufacturer of the WDM-PON equipment is less, the device manufacturer also less, the lack of competition mechanism, the price is on the high side. From the point of new economy analysis, WDM-PON cost per user is still now about three times of EPON/GPON technology.
From WDM-PON market development situation at present, internationally, so far most of the WDM – PON network deployment in South Korea. Korea telecom (KT) is the most active operators deploy WDM-PON.

WDM – PON technology in the practical application has shown good performance and application prospects, including NTT, KDDI, Verizon and some operators in Europe also expressed a keen interest in WDM-PON, and plan to choose WDM-PON as candidates for the next generation access fiber optic network technology solutions, including the Netherlands UNET FTTB commercial network, already deployed using WDM-PON for high-end business users provide better service. WDM-PON commercial process will produce a great impetus, make its future application more clear.

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