LC Fiber Patch Panel vs SC Fiber Patch Panel

Any enterprise no matter how its giant scales and gigantic actual strength, it’s almost always smart to install a fiber patch panel in its information technology center. Fiber patch panel, serves as a network’s central location, is often used for connecting and disconnecting electronic devices. Patch panel can handle both copper and fiber networks, for every cable has to go into the central location through the patch panel connector. Having all cables connected to the patch panel can contribute to making cables in an organized and neat way instead of becoming tangled and messy. Based on different port connections, fiber patch panel is usually divided into LC fiber patch panel, SC fiber patch panel, ST fiber patch panel, MTP fiber patch panel and so on. LC and SC types are the most commonly used.

LC Fiber Patch Panel

LC fiber patch panel uses a LC connector which belongs to small form factor(SFF) connector. The name LC comes from its inventor Lucent Technologies, an American multinational telecommunications equipment company. LC fiber patch panel adopts a design of 1.25mm zirconia ferrule that utilizes a retaining tab mechanism. And the LC connector usually uses the duplex configuration with a plastic clip. FS.COM provides 1U high 19″ fiber patch panel with 24 ports and 48 ports. They are designed for connecting different fiber cabling. For example, the product 48 fibers, 24 ports LC duplex OS2 single mode adapters, 1U high 19″ fiber patch panel is designed for backbone-to-backbone and backbone-to-horizontal single fiber cabling.

LC fiber patch panel

SC Fiber Patch Panel

SC fiber patch panel takes the SC connector, which is a snap-in connector. SC connector is developed by NTT, a Japanese telecommunications company, which is widely used for its excellent performance. SC fiber patch panel uses a round 2.5mm ferrule to connect a single fiber. It’s also available in a duplex configuration. It is designed for gigabit ethernet networking and standardized in TIA-568-A. SC fiber patch panel is an ideal choice for data and telecommunication applications. Compared with the LC ones, type of SC fiber patch panel only can accommodate 24 ports. The product 24 fibers, 24 ports SC simplex OS2 single mode adapters, 1U high 19″ fiber patch panel, manufactured by FS.COM, is often used for connecting OS2, OM3 and OM4.

SC fiber patch panel

LC Fiber Patch Panel vs SC Fiber Patch Panel

The two types are developed at different times for different purposes. From the above introduction, the differences between LC and SC fiber patch panel are clear. LC product can be made in 24 or 48 ports while the SC only have 24 ports in 1RU size.
Available in different designs and ports, the two types of patch panels can be customized to fit users’ network’s unique needs. They are designed for achieving data transmission and serve as standard 1U 19” rack. LC and SC fiber patch panel can offer a convenient and flexible routing option for technicians or network engineers. They are both the ideal equipment for better cable management.


LC fiber optic patch panel and SC fiber patch panel are the integrated unit for fiber management. When buying a fiber patch panel, there are many options for one’s choice. So choosing the suitable one for your specific project and need. Regardless of which type is chosen, one thing is for certain that any network can not run well without a properly deployed fiber patch panel.