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Optical fiber connector application and terminal considering analyses

With the A/V industry the BNC connectors, widely used in optical fiber connector as the development of optical fiber technology matures gradually.Copper wire connector on the AV system signal loss does not generally is very big, the influence of the fiber optic connection is different, its transmission system of each interface plays a very big impact.Let’s take a look at the fiber produced some of the problems in the physical connection, optical fiber transmission device can be connected instruction itself, but in some cases, almost all or most of the optical fiber transmission connection option are personally.Fiber optic cables that had been lost in the process of signal transmission is mainly composed by the amount of signals which is determined by the quality and type of fiber optic cable, will produce certain signal loss every end connection.According to user’s choice of different types of optical fiber connector end connection signal loss add up the total amount of likely over fiber optic cable to the signal loss from itself.
Maintain system normal operation
In the optical system design, system to normal operation, achieved very good results, in system design, we need to consider the system may appear some unexpected problems, and to make the system normal operation.In system design, we should consider the system may occur in the worst case, and make corresponding plan, looking forward to better operation result.Optical fiber connector design, be sure to put this idea in mind.In system design, security, stability, the optical fiber end is smooth, founder system requirements.End to end connection between must be precise, accurate and even to reach microns, one over one million meters.Commonly used of multimode fiber from 50 to 62.5 microns in diameter, and single-mode fiber is only 8-9 microns in diameter.The diameter size and the diameter of a human hair (17-180 microns), compared to visible any little mistake can bring in a catastrophic loss.
Optical fiber connection precision requirements of the equipment is very strict, so the connector must be very clean.Optical fiber connectors and accessories are usually installed in a condom, a finger print or external dust may seriously affect the connector performance, even cause the failure of transmission, therefore, when the connector is not connected, it should be stored in a clean case.
In the connection, we should also optical fiber connector chocking, all optical fiber connector design in current was conducted through the “ring”, guarantee the accuracy of the connector when collocation and correct.Optical terminal is through viscose or tight pressure inside the ring, become a permanent element.Insert the built-in optical fiber, then grinding ring side is smooth, smooth interface for fiber connector connection.Ring is usually made of more hard materials such as ceramic, of course, also can be stainless steel, plastic, or tungsten carbide materials, SC, ST, and FC general ring is 2.5 mm in diameter, LC general ring diameter is 1.25 mm.Due to the features of ring can undertake production in accordance with the requirements for precision, also became a primary important to determine the characteristics of optical fiber connector.In numerous connecting ring, spring loaded container connecting ring ensures the coaxial alignment between optical fiber and LED or laser source.
With the expansion of the development and application of technology, optical fiber connector also rapid development.Now in the market the use of optical fiber connector is about 12 more even, each of which is to meet the specific needs and arises at the historic moment, of course, there are certain technical limitations.Now the market is mainly in the price is moderate, compact connector mode of development, to support the new transmission distribution system requires greater transmission density.As users expect, the continuous development of the telecommunications industry has pushed the widespread application of the fiber, is largely due to the various types of communications and entertainment services for fiber optic connection caused by rapid growth in demand.
Terminal to consider
Traditionally, optical fiber terminal tend to be slow, the price is higher also, requirements for equipment and technical requirements are very high.In considering of optical fiber terminal single-mode cable, these factors should be considered.In some cases, we can choose a few already set up the terminal depending on the type of all kinds of optical fiber cables.
Type tailored to install applications, we can only choose a particular terminal, however, after the use of the lap joint tools, can reduce the length of the extended single-mode fiber field terminal, reduce the amount of the demand for equipment and technology to use.For multimode optical fiber cable, the new way of spliced using a simple optical fiber cutting method, cable assembly into the connector/cable design in advance.This method is very simple, but fiber to fiber butt joint, joint are usually adopt a kind of special optical gel, optical fiber terminal setting up.

Optical divider and connector market strong demand

In many related policies, driven by large-scale light in to the copper retreat has unfolded, with FTTx substantive, ODN products becoming an important part of FTTx
system, may also be the expansion opportunity.

In line with the statistics, the proportion of ODN access equipment investment taken into account 50% ~ 60% of FTTx equipment investment.Could be predicted the years
in the future our country ODN access device how big the marketplace will keep growth trend in excess of 20%, to 2012, how large the marketplace is predicted to attain
14.55 billion yuan.ODN access products are usually made from optical divider, optical connector and also the equipments install these elements (housing, terminal box,
etc.).ODN core technology is mainly manifested within the optical divider, optical connector, passive optical components products.

Bypass the marketplace popular

PLC (planar optical waveguide technology) optical divider is primarily utilized in FTTH user access network, global curiosity about PLC optical divider in ’09 about
3300 wantong, annual rate of development of 32%.Global markets presents different pattern in various area, Japan, Columbia following a curiosity about high-speed
development for quite a while, has become approaching the gentle, demand is pretty stable, makes up about about 50 % from the share of the market;The outcome from the
economic crisis in the usa, influenced by a specific momentum;And developing countries for example China, India, Brazil’s FTTx a fast-growing construction phase, thus
end up being the main growth reason behind the marketplace.

Using the development of our country FTTx, planar optical waveguide technologies have get to be the growth and development of optical communication industry.PLC market
a hot, many are very bullish on passive optical device manufacturers, will be ready to mount the PLC program.Right now, the PLC in the leading manufacturers of optical
communication technology, rich and rich science, and science, etc.

PLC products around the massive in China telecom and China unicom bidding, driven by domestic PLC market, an order income growth is powerful.Through the 12th five-year
plan, operators will accelerate the FTTx network deployment, that will effectively promote the domestic market requirement for passive components, PLC products since
the core device of FTTx, will get a large amount of applications, inside the global share of the market is predicted to assist enhance.

PLC could be the core from the optical divider chip, the chip is essential to produce and manufacture.Recently, we’ve already had some light components enterprises
successfully on PLC chip encapsulation, most foreign enterprises also transfer chips to the country to encapsulate, these conditions to build up PLC optical divider
industry has built favorable conditions.

The connector has huge potential

Requirement of global optical connector in 2008 to 2008, increased by 11% in the year earlier, last year to a single.04 billion.The downstream applications for instance communication, optical network market demand growth, the influence of is anticipated to achieve 1.63 billion by 2012.

Global optical connector within the consumer market, the American companies are the largest.The oldest along with the future development potential may be the Asia Pacific markets.While using advancement of optical fiber cable technology increase the risk for optical fiber gets closer and nearer to the final outcome user, the shorter links, including board interconnection relating to the needs in the growing, thus promoted greatly rise in the quantity of the connector.

This season countries for the policy within the development and integration of optical communication industry will heighten the size the domestic market of optical fiber connector, promote the introduction of domestic optical fiber connector industry.Domestic industry restructuring and three g licensing as well as other factors to market regarding the optical communication network, the resulting including light to the copper back, “FTTx” and so on the most recent market demand, is a big market possibility of optical fiber connector.

Based on China electronics industry association information center, 2009, 280 million optical fiber connector in the domestic market demand, domestic optical fiber connector from 2010 to 2015 how large industry demand will probably be around 12.6% growth, demand will reach 2012, 410 million.As fiber optic broadband network large-scale construction start, therefore, three major telecom operators entry to the building construction is anticipated being orderly development of optical network, optical fiber connector market scale continuously grow.

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CWDM in optical fiber transmission network of comprehensive solutions


1. The background of the project:Radio and television networks in recent business growth is faster in a given area, is the region development education network access project, due to the previous optical fiber network resources is mainly used in cable television network, optical fiber resources is not so rich, many county to the town had no residual fiber resources, to increase the data business, now want to be in the original on the fiber optic cable TV network transmission using again, plus infomation data signals, or want to lay out the other cable?Is the main work, need to solve as many towns in this area belongs to mountainous area, cable laying is not very convenient, considering various factors such as resources, cost, on the radio and television networks company specialized in optical network access technology co., LTD. Shenzhen Fiberstore CWDM system to conduct a comprehensive performance analysis and product testing.And start in areas such as education network access to A project on each node USES many Fiberstore CWDM system equipment.

2. Network topology

The radio and television networks of CWDM project at present is mainly used to implement the education network (10/100 MBPS Ethernet) hybrid transmission signals and the cable television network, the current direction of projects with a total of eight different contact, sharing the 3 sets of Fiberstore the CWDM system equipment.
In this scenario, A computer room – B node transfer 2 10/100 MBPS data signals and A cable TV signal, which is based on WDM CWDM access, two 10/100 MBPS signals after Fiberstore C5002S through Fiberstore HA – WDM multiplexer, and cable television signals and reuse all the way to A single fiber, transfer to the access point B region, middle transmission distance of 50 km, implements and Ethernet cable TV signal on the single fiber CWDM solution of hybrid transmission.
A room – C nodes use sea pegatron C5002S system combined with high speed and CWDM terminal transceiver effectively cooperate with access, realize two-way 10/100 MBPS of hybrid transmission over A single optical fiber.
A-D-E by Fiberstore C5004S system combining various nodes of high speed and the corresponding CWDM transceiver implementation 4 10/100 MBPS signals on A single optical fiber access project, through the high speed connection between each contact, through the terminal CWDM wavelengths optical transceiver connected to A contact switch, after the C5004S system in the computer room 4 different signals, respectively in different wavelengths transmitted to each destination, after D primary school, through high speed download local signal, the remaining 3 to continue down the road signal to the corresponding destination.

CWDM access scheme

1.Save fiber resourcesCWDM (Coarse where division multiplexing) Coarse wavelength division multiplexing system, which USES optical multiplexer in the different optical fiber transmission wavelength multiplexing in a single fiber transmission;On the receiving end of A link, using wavelength multiplexer and then revert to the original wavelength, using optical fiber all the way, on the whole link is solved effectively under the condition of the optical fiber resources extremely nervous network access, this scenario, A, D, E, between transmission on A single fiber and four 10/100 MBPS (also can be 1000 MBPS) signal, A room – B node is in the original cable TV signal transmission on A single fiber loading 2 10/100 MBPS signals, save A lot of fiber resources. 2.More business and high bandwidthCWDM is a according to the practical application to the transfer rate of adaptation based transmission platform, support a variety of business transfer.At each wavelength, the support of the business including 10 m / 100 m / 1000 m Ethernet, 155 m / 622 m / 2.5 G of SDH, 155 m / 622 m ATM business, as well as the Fiber Channel business, and so on.The whole system capacity to play a few Gbps data signal.Fully meet user bandwidth requirements in quite some time.This scenario USES is 10/100 MBPS business with cable TV signal for hybrid transmission.

3.Cost-effective, to facilitate the network upgrades

CWDM system than the price of DWDM Multiplexer is relatively low, due to the power of CWDM is small, small volume, easy to use, thus supporting facilities, personnel training and the late maintenance cost is low.Compared with optical cable project: using CWDM device is opened rapidly, low cost, convenient network upgrades, late and increasing need of signal directly, or replace the higher rate of product, don’t need to change the fiber link, convenient network upgrades, reduces the network upgrade costs.The above scenario A-D-E, if change into 1000 MBPS data signals, the capacity of the network directly to upgrade to the 4 GBPS.

CWDM in hybrid access network in the use of the business

With the improvement of people’s living standard, nowadays a single network access gradually cannot satisfy people’s demand for network now, CWDM system support for the characteristics of business more and more get the attention of people, can also provide E, FE, GE, STM 1/4/16 SDH and ATM signaling, CATV video interface and other businesses such as access CWDM system solutions, to meet the requirements of people now.

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